Anguilla Factfile

Official Name:     Anguilla
Capital:   	   The Valley
Nationality:	   British Dependant Territories Citizenship
Official Language: English
Total Population:  9660 (1992 Census)
Head of State:     Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II
Governor:          His Excellency Allan N. Hoole O.B.E.
Ruling Parties:    Coalition Government
Currency:          Eastern Caribbean Dollar (EC)
                   United States Dollar (US$)
Time Zones:        Eastern Standard Time+ 1 hour
                   Greenwich Mean Time - 4/5 hours
Phone Codes:       1 264 497 and local 4 digit number
Telecom Service:   Cable & Wireless (West Indies) Ltd.
Airport:           Wallblake International
Air service:       Direct flights to Puerto Rico (American Airlines)
                   and to St Maarten.  Many airlines from each of these.