Anguilla Computes

Is your old computer sitting unused in a closet someplace? Didn't you get a lot of good use out of that computer? Wouldn't it still be a fine computer for someone not exactly on the cutting edge? If you could donate it to help a computer club in a developing country, and take it off your taxes, wouldn't that be better than just letting it collect dust in your closet till you throw it out?

Well, guess what? Now you can!

Anguilla Computes is a project of the Anguilla National Trust. The Anguilla National Trust is a quasi-governmental organization that acts as an umbrella for all of the local non-governmental, non-profit organizations on the island.

Twenty years ago there was no electric company on Anguilla. Now, not only does this Island have power, phone, and cable-tv, but we also have the Internet! However, most families can not justify the cost of a computer at home, and the schools only have a few computers. If we can get computers into the hands of Anguilla's youth today, we will be giving them the crucial skills they will need as they soon enter the information age.

And now the best part. For US citizens your contribution is tax deductible. Global Links is a registered US charity. You donate the computer to Global Links and they will get it to Anguilla.

Here's how:

Send your computer to:

        Global Links
        4809 Penn Avenue
        Pittsburgh, PA 15224 USA 
We will do the rest!

You will be responsible for estimating the value of your contribution. Global Links will give you a receipt for your donation and their tax-deductible organization number.

For more information on the Anguilla National Trust, please write to: Elizabeth Subin, Executive Director, Anguilla National Trust, P.O. Box 1234, The Valley, Anguilla.