Automatic Electronic Lube Dispenser

You have so much at stake - in the cost of your equipment, and the experience of your team. Does it still make sense to have seasoned employees spending their time with manual grease guns, when they could be doing more important things to keep your equipment trouble-free?

A growing number of companies are making the move to Electro-Luber (tm), the automated grease dispenser that allows experienced maintenance staff to spend more time on what they do best: catching little problems before they grow.

In fact, if your department had to choose just one problem-solver for the Nineties, you'd have a hard time topping the Electro-Luber.

Think about it. When has the pressure ever been greater for you to:

As if these challenges weren't enough, you're also under the gun to keep the cost of maintaining that equipment in line.

What perfect timing for Electro-Luber! This little marvel of technology fits snugly into a typical grease fitting. A miniature, battery-powered circuit board inside controls how much grease - and at what rate - it pumps into your bearing.

A set of switches - that you pre-set - keeps you in total control of your lubrication program.

Your problems are set aside as Electro-Luber improves on the grease gun by:

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